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Wonderful materials for English language learners!! Ms Fann, ESL teacher, Nashville, USA

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Classic Ghost Stories * Fred & Rita * The Prisoner of Zenda * Tall Tales * Christmas Carol * The Mary Celeste * The Big Match

With audio, comprehension exercises, glossary & learning activities

ESOL eBooks publishes readers & other learning resources. Materials are specially adapted for online or classroom use.

◦ classic short-stories retold for English language learners.
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Success in English Language Teaching: A guide to becoming a teacher in ELT/TESOL

Low cost ESOL teaching packs containing graded reading & listening materials, teaching notes & learning activities.

Early readers for very young English language learners: Lion & the Mouse * Princess & the Pea * Where is Lance?

Kieran McGovern writes graded reading materials for English language learners. These include original stories like Love by Design (Macmillan Readers) and simplified versions of classics including Washington Square by Henry James & Oscar Wilde's The Picture Of Dorian Gray. He blogs regularly for the BBC World Service Learning English Blog, Macmillan Dictionary Blog & the OUP ELT Global Blog. He has recently launched a new blog English Language FAQ & edits ESL Reading.

You can follow him on Twitter @eslreading

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