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Tall Tales is a new series of three illustrated readers for young children:
The Lion & the Mouse, The Princess & the Pea & Where is Lance?

Each comes with complete audio and workbooks, teaching notes and many extra resources.

Buying class-sets of readers can be expensive.
Tall Tales offers a high quality option that should suit the tightest budgets

How much do they cost?
Teaching Editions:$2.99 (includes reader, Workbook, audio files, teaching notes & many extras)
Class Set:$7.99 (all the above for teacher + up to 25 users in a single class)

Who wrote the text?
Tall Tales feature text & learning resources by leading ELT author Kieran McGovern.

And the fantastic artwork?
Illustrations are by award-winning graphic artist, Trici Venola.

What makes Tall Tales different?
Unlike all other ELT publishers ESOL eBooks allows teachers & parents to download resources via Dropbox files. This means that many of teaching materials can be tailored to individual use. And each purchase allows future access to any new or updated materials for that title.

Can I print the materials?
Yes. Image resolution is set for online reading to deter illegal commercial reproduction. But copies of a reasonable quality can be printed from any computer.

Why the low prices?
Because no physical book is involved overheads are low. All it takes is an enormous amount of work!

Tall Tales allow access to high quality educational materials to those on

How do I use the audio?
Because embedded audio files often have problems, there are alternative forms of access. You have direct access to the mp3 files but can also play them online.

How do I order/download the books/files?
TinyPay the simplest and most secure online payment system. You will need a PayPal account to use it. If this is a problem, let me know and I'll try and arrange another method of payment.
Kieran McGovern writes graded reading materials for English language learners. These include original stories like Love by Design (Macmillan Readers) and simplified versions of classics including Washington Square by Henry James & Oscar Wilde's The Picture Of Dorian Gray. He blogs regularly for the BBC World Service Learning English Blog, Macmillan Dictionary Blog & the OUP ELT Global Blog. He has recently launched a new blog English Language FAQ & edits ESL Reading.

You can follow him on Twitter @eslreading

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