The Prisoner of Zenda

Pre-Intermediate IELTS score:3.5/TOEFL IBT Score: 43-51) (CEF) A2/B1 EPER Level E

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Rudolf Rassendyll of England is in Ruritania for a coronation. And young Rupert is the ‘double’ of the new king ...

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Key Words

double - someone who looks exactly like someone else
cellar - dark room under building used to store wine, etc
coronation - special ceremony to crown new king or queen
drawbridge - movable bridge. Can be raised for defence.
forest. - area of land covered by trees
hunting-lodge - holiday house in the country used for hunting animals
moat - water around a castle crossed by drawbridge (see above)
The Prisoner of Zenda
Anthony Hope wrote several stories based in the imaginary central European country called Ruritania. ‘The Prisoner of Zenda (1894) and a sequel ‘Rupert of Hentzau’ (1898) were the most popular. ‘The Prisoner of Zenda’ was adapted for the stage in 1895 and there have been several films.
Try the original story?
In the original story is much longer, with more characters and a more complex story. The language, grammar and syntax are difficult but confident readers can try the original novel, complete with audio recording from the excellent LibriVox project


Perhaps the two best film version of the story is this one from 1952:

The Prisoner of Zenda (1937 and 1952 Versions)
Coronation (video) * Sword-fight (video) * Learning activities
Prisoner of Zenda (sample) * Coronation (video) * Learning activities