Prisoner of Zenda: Activities

Pre-Intermediate IELTS score:3.5/TOEFL IBT Score: 43-51) (CEF) A2/B1 EPER Level E

Read Chapter 1

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1. Choose a word to complete each of these sentences from the list below
a) Water is connected to the house by a ...
b) You can ... on a horse.
c) Somebody becomes a King at a ...
d) Hunters can sometimes stay at a hunting ......
e) The water round a castle is called a....
f) The room under the house is called the ........
lodge, coronation, cellar, moat, ride, pipe
How much can you remember of the story? Try this quiz without looking back at the text.
1. You are Rudolf
a) Write a postcard describing your journey to Zenda. (50 words)
CEF English language level: A2/B1
b) Write about the day of the coronation. (150 -200 words)
You could write about:
a) going from Zenda to Strelsau.
b) going through the city
c) meeting Princess Flavia
d) meeting Black Michael.
1. Why does Princess Flavia marry the King? Do you think that she is right?
2. ‘We’ll meet again!’ says Rupert to Rudolf. They do meet again in a book called Rupert of Hentzau.
3. What do you think happens in that book?
CEF English language level: A2/B1

Prisoner of Zenda Teaching Pack (£1.75)