Chapter 1 (sample)


Chapters 6-12


Chapters 1-6

Who said these things? Write down the name of the person without looking back at the story. Choose from these people:

King Rudolf * Rudolf Rassendyll * Robert * Rose * Train Conductor * Flavia * Fritz * Antoinette * Rupert * Detchard

Which of these sentences are true? Which are false?
And which two answers could be true or false?

1. The Prisoner of Zenda is an adventure story.
2. Princess Flavia loves King Rudolf
3. King Rudolf loves Princess Flavia
4. Duke Michael wants to marry Antoinette
3. Duke Michael wants to marry Flavia
4. Duke Michael loves himself
5. Rudolf doesn't want the King to marry Flavia
6. Everything ends happily.

Listen again. Try and fill in the missing words.