The Body Snatcher: Activities



Accounts -
financial records

Coffin -
box for dead person

Conscience - sense of right & wrong/morality

Grave - where you bury a coffin

Hesitate - to stop because unable to make decision

Rumours - a story which is perhaps not true

Spectacles - glasses to improve vision

Stare - look intensely at someone or something

Startled - shocked/surprised by something


Crossword using words from The Body Snatcher here.


You are Fettes. Write your diary for your time working with K & Macfarlane.

Your entries could include.

a) the day you first went to Mr K's class.
b) meeting Macfarlane
c) the morning 'special deliveries'
d) the trip to Glencorse graveyard


Write a script for the opening of the story when Macfarlane visits The George.

Act out the scene

CEF English language level: B1

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