The Body Snatcher

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This extract comes from a key scene in the original version The Body Snatcher. A young medical student (Fettes) takes an early morning delivery at his university.

You will not understand all the words but try and answer these questions

1.What time of the year is it?
a) Spring b) Summerc) Autumn d) Winter

2. What do the men deliver?
a) pens b) sleeping tablets c) dead bodies d) stealing from a doctor

3. Why is Fettes shocked by the body delivered?
a) it looks like a fish b) it is very cold c) Fettes recognises the face d) Fettes doesn’t recognise the face

4. Who is Wolfe McFarlane?
a) a poor medical student b) a rich medical student c) a murdered medical student d) a murderer

Listen to a complete audio reading of the original version of The Body Snatcher here.

Cover art © 1998 W. A. Dodge

Read The Body Snatcher in easy-to-understand English here
CEF English language level: B1

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