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coincidence - (here) by chance or accident
cutting - ground cut for a railway or road
gloomy - dark, unlighted
interrupt - stop someone doing something (e.g. talking)
sleeve - the arm of shirt or jacket .
spirit - ghost
troubled - worried, anxious
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1. You are the man telling the story. Write your two diary entries for
a) the night you first meet the signal-man. You can use some of your description from question 1 but also write about his personality.
Use some of the following adjectives:
nervous, anxious, hard-working, serious, worried
b) the night after the accident. Describe what happened. Write what
you think happened?
Was there really a ghost? Or is there another explanation?
What is your favourite ghost story? Which of these elements does the story contain:
a ghost * an old building * night time * fear * mystery
Talk with another student/s. Which elements are common to all ghost stories?Did you enjoy The Signalman? Write in the comment box below.

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The Signalman first appeared in the Christmas edition of a magazine called ‘All The Year Round’ in 1866. You can read the original story here. You can also listen to a recording of the story (in two seven minute parts) here

CEF English language level: A2/B1