Ghost & Mystery Stories

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: Classic Scary Stories

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    The Signalman

    Charles Dickens

    A man was standing by the red light near the tunnel. ‘‘Look out!" he was calling. Is there really a ghost on that lonely railway line? What is he trying to tell the signalman? And why does his hand cover his face?
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    Body Snatcher

    Robert Louis Stevenson

    A strange tale of grave robbing and murder in 1820s Edinburgh. Based on true story of Burke & Hare. Intermediate
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    The Mary Celeste

    Mystery of deserted ship

    In 1871 a deserted ship is found drifting in the sea. What has happened? And where are the captain and the crew? Pre-Intermediate .
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    The Marble Finger

    Edith Nesbit

    Why do the locals fear the two marble statues in a country church? Classic horror story from the writer of 'The Railway Children'.
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    A Christmas Carol

    Charles Dickens

    Edited extracts from classic Christmas tale. Abridged and adapted for English language learners & reluctant readers. With glossary & learning activities: L1 - pre GCSE
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    Same in Japanese

    Ghost of Old Japan

    The ghost of old Japan haunts modern Tokyo. I like my business card—clean, black and white: perfect. I can't read the Japanese, but it says the same thing on the back in English. Advanced

With English language learning activities & links to original texts.