Mary Celeste: Discussion

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1. You are Captain Morehouse. Write a 200 word summary of what happened when you came across the Mary Celeste. Describe

a) where and when you discovered the empty ship.
b) why you decided to board the Mary Celeste.
c) what you discovered on board.
1. Role play the inquest into the Mary Celeste. The inquest panel suspect that the crew of the Dei Graca have done something wrong. They do not believe the stories told by Captain Morehouse and his crew

You could play a version of the game 'alibi'. For this the inquest panel needs to interview each crew member individually - do their stories match? Dei Graca crew members can prepare their version before you start.

Possible roles: Captain Morehouse, first mate, other crew members, inquest panel members.
CEF English language level: B1

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