The Big Match: Activities

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Quick Check
1. What is the news Mrs Cross brings?

2. Why is this news a problem for Matthew?

3. Who is Aunt Sharon marrying?

4. What does Sharon's fiance do?


1. Why are Aunt Sharon & Sharon marrying quickly?

2. Why does Matthew think the date is a mistake?

3. What does Mrs Cross feel about Matthew missing the cup final?

4. How many sisters does Mrs Cross have?

5 How many times have City won the FA Cup?
Grammar: Sequence

Put this information in the correct sequence.

  1. Mrs Cross comes into the room.
  2. Sharon's wedding
  3. Matthew looks up from his football magazine
  4. The FA Cup Final
  5. Sharon meets Sam
  6. Matthew says, 'I am going!'
  7. Sam goes back to sea
1. You are Matthew. Write your diary entries for the

a) day when City won their semi-final to reach the final for the first time.

b) the day your mother told you about Aunt Sharon's wedding.

2. Write Aunt Sharon's letter to Matthew's mother. Describe

a) how you met Sam

b) why you are marrying him.
Role play the following in pairs:

1. a)
You are Matthew at the wedding.
  • You have a radio in your pocket which your mother doesn't know about.
  • The game is about to begin and you want to go to listen to it.

You are Matthew's mother.
You see Matthew getting up from his seat - just as the speeches are about to start.
CEF English language level: B1