Texts graded by vocabulary, grammar and readability.
Beginners (IELTS score: 1-2) Common European Framework (CEF) A1
Elementary (IELTS score:3/TOEFL IBT Score: 32-42) (CEF) A1/2
Pre-Intermediate (IELTS score:3.5/TOEFL IBT Score: 43-51) (CEF) A2/B1
Intermediate (IELTS score:4.5/TOEFL IBT Score: 51-61) (CEF) B1/2
Upper Intermediate (IELTS score:5-6/TOEFL IBT Score: 62-91) (CEF) B2
Advanced (IELTS score:6.5-7/TOEFL IBT Score: 92-112) (CEF) C1
Proficiency (IELTS score:7.5-9/TOEFL IBT Score: 113-120) (CEF) C2
To find your level try the (CEF) assessment here and/or the International House Placement test