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Mary Celeste: Activities

CEF English language level: c1

Mary Celeste Teaching Pack (£1.20)

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How much do you remember?
1. What was the name of the captain of the Dei Graca?
2. Why were the crew of Dei Graca surprised to see the Mary Celeste?
3. What did they notice about the deck of the Mary Celeste?
4. How many men were in the boarding crew?
5. How many people were on the Mary Celeste?
1. You are Captain Morehouse. Write a 200 word summary of what happened when you came across the Mary Celeste. Describe

a) where and when you discovered the empty ship.
b) why you decided to board the Mary Celeste.
c) what you discovered on board.
What do you think happened to the Mary Celeste? Write your comments here
What you think happened to the Mary Celeste? Discuss here